Internet Rallies around Somalian Chef after His Restaurant Was Destroyed by Terrorists

Last week, we brought you the story of Ahmed Jama, a Somalian chef whose restaurant The Village was destroyed by suicide bombers on September 7th. In response, the renowned MAD Symposium, where he recently spoke, launched a fundraising page to help him rebuild — and they reached its goal, raising over 12,973in a little less than ten days.

According to MAD, the funds “will aid in the rebuilding of the restaurant and help out his employees and their families.” Jama owns five locations of The Village in Mogadishu, and the modern restaurants, the first of its kind in the unstable Somalia, are popular among government officials, students, and journalists. In other words, they’re the perfect target for terrorists. (A location of The Village was bombed in early 2012, and Jama told the story of his rebuilding efforts at MAD.)

It won’t be an easy road to recovery, Jama acknowledged on his Twitter, but vowed that he would not stop his mission of peace: “I will continue opening new location any where [in] Somalia.”


WATCH: In Aftermath of Somalian Restaurant Bombing, Here’s Ahmed Jama at MAD on Why He’ll Keep Pushing Forward

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