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‘Barbecue Editor’ Is A Thing Now

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In a first for the food publishing world, but a “Why the hell did no one ever think of that” moment for the rest of the world, Texas Monthly announced that it would be the first publication to ever have a full-time barbecue editor.

The New York Times reports that Daniel Vaughan, a former Dallas architect and popular barbecue blogger, quit his job at a major firm to become the Texas Monthly’s full-time barbecue editor, a task that he takes as seriously as, say, Pete Wells takes his job. And with good reason, too: Vaughan not only has a Bourdain-imprint book coming out in the next month, but he’s also a progenitor of America’s barbecue mania, whose epicenter is in the heart of Texas:

“It speaks to the extraordinary explosion and interest in barbecue over the last five to eight years,” said Jim Shahin, a freelance journalist and associate professor of magazine journalism at Syracuse University who also writes about barbecue and grilling for The Washington Post. “Even in Texas, where you already had a major barbecue culture, it has only grown. It’s surprising that Texas Monthly hadn’t done something like this years ago.”

We imagine Daniel will prepare for his life’s greatest journey by eating nothing but vegetarian Indian food when he’s not on the clock, as well as tricking out his cow-part boots.

[The New York Times]

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