WATCH: What Exactly Is The Target Demo. For These Breast-Milk Flavored Lollipops?

Let’s take this one step at a time. A company in Texas has developed a breast-milk flavored lollipop — “flavored” implying that there’s no actual breast milk in the pop, although the founder sampled the breast milk of four different nursing moms to get the profile right. …Moving on. So, there’s no breast milk in the pops, and they’re actually mostly made of sugar. (Sidebar: So that’s what breast milk tastes like, but, with health benefits.)

So, are all these photos of babies sucking on pops meant to convey that these are meant for children? A soothing throwback snack? Because why give your kids real breast milk when you can just give them candy! Did the mystery brand man from Texas supply the images to accompany info on his never-mentioned-by-name product, or did an ABC producer throw those up there to accompany the segment?

Or, are the pops meant for adults? Because the only other flavor pop the company makes, in case breast-milk-flavor isn’t your jam, is chocolate-bacon flavor. That seems like a sophisticated, savory-sweet, adult-geared snack. The implications here are creeping us out, but we mostly just suspect that this company founder wanted to taste a bunch of different women’s breast milk.

Check out the story below.

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