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WATCH: Daniel Boulud Slams Reality Show Competitors As ‘An Abuse Of The Name Chef’

On the off-chance that you weren’t tuned in to CNBC at 9am on a Tuesday, relax. We’ve got you covered. Daniel Boulud stopped by to talk financial mumbo jumbo (and very articulately, may we add) with the anchors of the aptly titled The Squawk Box, and squawked at he was, indeed.

In spite of being steam-rolled for the first few moments of the interview, Daniel politely responded when his host clumsily referenced his time at Le Cirque by acknowledging, “You took it to what? Four? Five stars? The highest you could take it to?”

“Yes,” Daniel patiently replied. “Four stars. New York Times. Absolutely.”

Maybe double-check the accolade scale before you congratulate your guest on them? Just a suggestion. On top of that, the anchors sounded flabbergasted when Daniel revealed that he grooms executive chefs for 7-10 years before allowing them to run one of his kitchens.

Before The Squawk Box crew could even get out a question about how it was then be possible for reality show competitors win prizes in the four weeks it takes to shoot a show, Daniel dismissed the notion of TV chefs entirely as an abuse of the title. Check out the clip below!

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