WATCH: Hines Ward Faces His Greatest Culinary Fear On Rachael Vs. Guy

In addition to sabotaging her team members on Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off, Rachael Ray evidently has no qualms administering traumatic exposure therapy to her amateur chef-testants either. For example, on last night’s episode, in which the celebs had to make their own diner classics to expedite real-life-restaurant-style, Rachael forced one of her strongest team leaders to face his greatest culinary fear: the food processor.

Although, as previous challenges have shown us, Hines Ward is actually a pretty strong cook, he’s never used a food processor, and is, in fact, completely and irrationally petrified of them. So, during menu planning, Rachael made it mandatory for her star to use a food processor to make his dish.

Check out the moment of reckoning below.

Ultimately, Tori Spelling’s husband and Chilli wound up in the bottom two, and had to face off in a milkshake challenge. The latter made a solid Oreo shake, while Dean made a spin on an orange creamsicle, complete with Twinkie garnish soaked in Grand Marnier, which we’re pretty sure is the stuff of Guy Fieri’s dreams. Obviously Chilli went home. On the bright side, we’re halfway through the season and only have three more of these things. Maybe next week, we’ll devise a drinking game where you take a bite of a boozy Twinkie every time Carnie Wilson says something awkward and Johnny Weir wears sparkles.

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