Joe Bastianich’s Restaurant Man Pilot Is Coming To A Cable Network Near You

Last we heard, Joe Bastianich had transformed his profanity-riddled 2012 memoir Restaurant Man into a scripted television pilot (working title: Hungry) which he was shopping around to networks.

Now, sources are confirming that a major cable network picked up the pilot and will begin production soon. No word yet on whether the show will be based on Joe’s real restaurants, co-owned by Mario Batali, or fictional restaurants. But considering the fact that the memoir covers Joe’s feuds with restaurant critics John Mariani and Steve Cuozzo, is it too much to hope for another Sazerac-to-the-face fever dream fantasy?

The question is: which network will grab this bad boy? Will it join Bravo’s newly made-over scripted line-up alongside that god-awful sounding Coca-Cola/Pepsi advertising wars show set in the ’80s? Or will we find it on AMC Sunday nights, filling up Breaking Bad’s intense, swear-filled, and soon-to-be-vacated time slot? Wherever it is, we’ll be watching.

[The Celebrity Cafe via Eater]

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