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Phillies Hoping for Win with Big Burger

Not-so-good Phillies team looking to lure fans with big food

Photo: NBC10

When your baseball team is, well, not so good, how do you get fans through the gates? Make them fat. They may not fit through the gate, though, on the way out of the Phillies’ Citizens Bank Park after catching the 9-patty triple-triple. Yes, nine patties. Nine slices of cheese tucked between the token lettuce and tomato.

The meat sweat-inducing creation is the magnum opus of Jake’s Wayback Burgers, a northeast mainstay. In a stadium that can shelf 75,000 hot dogs for the popular Dollar Dog Night, Citizens Bank Park joins the burgeoning list of big city, big eating sports’ venues enticing fans with noteworthy fare to drive fans into the stadiums to cheer for their teams, winning record or not.

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