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Nice Time: Sean Hannity Offers ‘Prayers’ for Chris Cuomo’s Coronavirus Recovery Despite His Ungrateful Brother Andrew

Fox News host Sean Hannity put politics aside for several seconds when he wished CNN anchor Chris Cuomo prayers for his recovery from the coronavirus, and only took a minor detour to slam Cuomo’s brother — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — as an incompetent ingrate.

The media world poured out its heart Tuesday when Chris announced he had contracted COVID-19, but Hannity’s tribute was truly special.

On Tuesday night’s edition of Hannity, it was Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera who brought up the sad news, offering “a shout out to my brother, Chris Cuomo.”

“I hope you do well, brother,” Rivera said. “I hope for all of us these chilling estimates today, they got to me — 100,000 to 200,000 dead Americans in the coming weeks. I mean, it’s such an awesome blow. We have all got to pull together. We have got to follow the social distancing. We will wash our hands, et cetera.”

“Well, let me echo this,” Hannity said. “Listen, Chris Cuomo was our colleague for a long time. Chris is a great guy. Like, wonderful person.”

Hannity then took a brief turn, saying, “And, by the way, my political differences with his brother and the fact that he lacked total preparedness, and screaming at the president, I need 30,000 this — I’m like, how about some appreciation? It’s nothing to do with — that’s politics.”

“On a personal level, we’re praying for Chris. We’re praying for his family. And everyone else that gets this,” Hannity added.

Fox News posted the clip on the network’s website with the headline “Sean Hannity offers well wishes to Chris Cuomo,” which is certainly one way to look at it.

Despite his diagnosis, Chris continued to host his show on CNN Tuesday night. Andrew Cuomo continues to manage the rampaging coronavirus pandemic in his state.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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