WATCH: GOP Rep Reveals Details of Trump’s Bombshell Call with McCarthy Refusing to Call Off Capitol Rioters


Republican Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler gave a detailed account of the bombshell phone call between Donald Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that’s roiling the late stages of Trump’s second impeachment trial.

CNN dropped a report in which several sources confirmed the content of a call between McCarthy and Trump in which the then-president not only refused to call off the rioters, but sided with them over the GOP leader.

Rep. Beutler was among the lawmakers whom McCarthy briefed on the call, and she spoke out about it on Billy Hallowell’s Edifi podcast.

I had a conversation with McCarthy about this, Kevin is an unapologetic supporter of Donald Trump, has been since before he was president. He called the president and said “Hey, you basically need to get on TV, you need to call these people off.”

And the president’s response to him was “These aren’t my people, these are Antifa, which is not…

Kevin, to his credit, responded “No, they just came through my window, my staff are running, these are your people, they have MAGA hats on.”

And the president’s response to him was “Well, Kevin, I guess they are just more concerned about this election than you are.”

And that to me says I see that it’s happening ,and I either want it to continue to happen, or at the very least I don’t care. Either way, it doesn’t matter if you’re Republican, doesn’t matter that I voted for him, it doesn’t matter that he had a good economy, in that moment my decision is do I get to vote yes or no, that’s it.

The Congresswoman also recounted McCarthy’s briefing on the call to constituents during a town hall meeting this week, and described other calls Trump made to lawmakers who were sheltering during the insurrection.

Let me tell you what he did and didn’t do during the riot.

There are are a number of people who were calling him, Lindsey Graham tried to call Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway, the longtime confidante and former White House advisor, called an aide who she knew was standing right at the president’s side. All of them trying to say “Hey hey, there are the Capitol Police officers being bludgeoned to death, they’re hunting lawmakers, they’re coming after us,” and the president didn’t respond.

I asked Kevin McCarthy, who’s the Republican leader about this, and he said he called, he finally got through to Donald Trump, and he said “You have got to get on TV, you’ve got to get on Twitter, you’ve got to call these people off.”

You know what the president said to him? This is as it’s happening, he said “Well Kevin, these aren’t my people, these are Antifa.”

And Kevin responded and said “No they’re your people, they literally just came through my office window and my staff are running for, and they’re running for their lives and you need to call them off.”

And the president’s response to Kevin, to me was chilling. He said “Well Kevin, I guess they’re just more upset about the election theft than you are.”

And that’s, you’ve seen widespread reports of Kevin McCarthy and the president having basically a swearing conversation, that’s when the swearing commenced, because the president was basically saying “No, I’m okay with this.”

He also, as this mob was coming in, and as Mike Pence, as number two, number three, and number four to the presidency were under attack, and did the president call on them to see if he could help? Did he send anybody into help? No. But he did place calls to senators while they were in lockdown, and you know what he said? He said “What else can you do, can you do something to further delay the electoral counting?”

Rep. Beutler also posted a lengthy plea for Pence and others to come forward with more details about the Capitol insurrection.

Watch above via Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler.

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