WATCH: Trump Tells Private Event ‘We’re at War’ Over Impeachment, Jokes About Staying Past 2024 to Drive Liberals ‘Fricking Crazy’


President Donald Trump was both triggered and triggering at a closed-door event in New York City, angrily telling the audience “we’re at war” over the looming impeachment inquiry engulfing the White House while also saying he intentionally tweaks the left with his talk of staying beyond two terms.

Trump comments were made at a private meeting of US Mission to the UN on Thursday morning. Hours after the event, the Los Angeles Times obtained a brief audio clip of his comments in which the president implied the “spy” whistleblower had committed “treason” and not-so-subtly suggested that he or she should be executed. By Thursday evening, Bloomberg Politics had obtained a 15-minute video of the event.

“We’re at war,” Trump said in the video before disparaging unspecified opponents. “These people are sick.”

Later on, he joked about staying on past 2024, taking aim at liberals like “nut job” Bill Maher, who have warned that Trump may not step down when his term is up.

“I say we’re looking good for another four years, and then if we want to, another four, and maybe another after that,” Trump said to laughter. He then referenced a June tweet he sent out that adapted a Time magazine cover to show Trump campaign signs for 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, and ending with a “Trump 4EVA.”

“We do that to drive them fricking crazy,” he said as the crowd cheered.

Watch the video above, via Bloomberg Politics.

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