A CNN Intern Got In Trouble for Recording the Supreme Court with a GoPro

supreme court gopro snafuJust in case you didn’t already know, the Supreme Court of the United States is very particular when it comes to recording devices and making its internal workings known to the general public. In other words, except for official recordings, no one is allowed to record audio or video of court proceedings.

Too bad CNN intern Walbert Castillo totally forgot that his chest-mounted GoPro camera was still recording — let alone turned on and mounted to his person — when he entered the court’s press room on Monday. When Castillo was discovered by court personnel, he and the rest of the interns were forced to leave.

According to CNN, Walbert “misunderstood the rules about recording inside the Supreme Court’s Public Information Office and acted inappropriately.” The cable news network stressed that they had “taken the necessary action to remedy this situation,” and had apologized to the court and their own SCOTUS correspondent, Ariane de Vogue.

Kind of a bummer as, according to CNN Politics manager Zach Wolf, Monday was Castillo’s first day as a “runner” for de Vogue and CNN’s SCOTUS beat. These interns are generally called runners because, aside from the fact that their main job is to run from the press room to their respective networks’ correspondents to relay court information, most of them don running shoes.

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