AAAAAH: Here Are 5 Of The Best (/Worst) Reactions To Christmas Presents

Merry Christmas, all of you who are here either because you don’t celebrate this holiday or because you’re trying to escape your egg nog-soaked nightmare of a family! Yay! Did you all have fun opening your presents this morning, assuming today isn’t just a particular quiet Sunday for you? Gifts, after all, are the reason for the season (Right?). So why don’t we go ahead and devote some time to staring at a few people who looooove things, particularly the receiving of things wrapped up in colorful paper? Let’s! Let’s!


Squeeeeeee! Thanks Grandma! It’s better than a pony because it will never die.

Sucker Free

Holyyyy Night. Siiiilent – WRONG, SANTA CLAUS. I mean, good try? At least you were able to comprehend that I wanted something noisy and vaguely toy-shaped. But, no suckers? Are you ****ing kidding me? Whatever.

This is Poop

What even is this…? Oh, is it a Transformer? If I tear this part off and put it somewhere over here, is this going to magically transform into something that doesn’t make me want to slap you so hard right now?

Are You Serious?

Grown Man + Santa hat x Jumping to the power of “PP T-shirt” = Christmas Magic. Squared.

Nintendo 64

AAAAAAAHHHHH! It’s a THING!!! Classic. It’s always nice to witness firstand the genuine, child-like joy and excitement so inextricably linked to Christmas. He had so much fun with that Nintendo 64 for a whole three and a half weeks.

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