ABC Starts Live-Tweeting This Week; Will Other Networks Follow?


Starting today, Jake Tapper announced that change was coming to ABC’s This Week: for the first time, Tapper (who is currently guest hosting the show for the next four months until Christiane Amanpour takes the reins) said, he and ABC News Political Director David Chalian would be live-tweeting during the broadcast, using hashtag #ThisWeek. Tapper credited Ana Marie Cox for first suggesting the idea.

ABC also created a Twitter list for This Week, which included Tapper, Chalian, and several of this episode’s guests, such as Donna Brazile, Paul Krugman, and Peggy Noonan.

Tapper made the announcement on his blog, Political Punch, asking viewers to participate, send links, and even help fact-check the show:

Starting this week, we’ll be live-tweeting the This Week broadcast at 9 a.m. ET.

You can follow on the This Week Twitter list during and after the show – ABC News Political Director David Chalian(@DavidChalianABC) will be leading the live tweet today, I’ll jump in after the show:

The list includes some of our roundtable participants and we’ll plan on including them weekly leading into the broadcast and to continue the conversation once it’s over.

And if you have comments, ideas or a link that helps fact check the show, join the conversation and let us know on Twitter at#ThisWeek.

It’s interesting to see one of the old-school political talk shows incorporating a new media element into their broadcasts, inviting viewers to participate and help fact-check what guests say. While Meet The Press and Face the Nation have yet to do the same, Meet The Press launched  its new iPhone app just a week ago. Meet The Press executive producer Betsey Fischer also tweeted a few choice quotes from this morning’s broadcast, although with much less fanfare — and no official invitation to viewers to participate mdash; than ABC. And after This Week wrapped up this morning, Tapper tweeted that another new element would be coming to the show in two weeks mdash; and asked viewers to send suggestions on how to improve the live-tweet of the show.

Is this a sign that the Sunday talk shows are finally adapting to the new media world? It’s a good move for ABC, a network that has already been shaking up the Sunday show circuit with their recent announcement that Amanpour would be taking over hosting the show.

NBC, CBS — your move next!

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