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Admit It: You Want to Watch a Video of an Exploding Sewer

It starts with a persistent low rumbling, not unlike a drumroll.

Then yellow smoke begins to issue from the manhole cover: first in wisps and puffs, and then in great big jaundiced clouds of sallow smog.

The firefighters pace and seem to wonder if they should perhaps back up. The drumbeat has gotten louder.

And then —

This video, shot in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, by a passerby and uploaded to Facebook has garnered some 24,000 views.

A St. Petersburg Fire & Rescue spokesman said that the explosion occurred Monday around 5 p.m. at the site of an underground transformer. Luckily, nobody was injured and there was no property damage. Power company investigators had been on the site the previous day, responding to reports of smoke and odor but had been unable to find any issue.

A joint investigation with the power company is underway to determine the cause.

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