Advocacy Group Holding Contest For Best Jon Stewart Rally Sign

In today’s edition of America’s Got Rally, Public Citizen, the public advocacy group founded by Ralph Nader back in 1971 is holding a sign contest for Jon Stewart‘s upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity. This diverges from significantly from the 8/28 Restoring Honor rally, to which Glenn Beck specifically requested goers not to bring signs.

Public Citizen has launched the Facebook page ‘What sign should I bring to Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity?’ where people can submit suggestions (my favorite so far: Hitler was a Nazi!). If yours is chosen it will appear on the signs PC intends to hand out at the rally.

According to PC 3,700 people have entered the ‘contest’ so far. Here are some of the suggestions:

• At least the war on the middle class is going well!
• Too Poor to Buy a Politician
• I believe in the separation of corporation and state
• Immigrants didn’t steal our jobs, multinational corporations shipped them overseas
• Of course you’re depressed, the rich tricked you.
• I’VE HAD ALL I CAN STAND AND I CAN’T wait to read about this during my lunch break at work unless it’s super busy

All in all, pretty tame. We shall see what actually makes it to the rally. The One Nation rally boasted that it was a big tent gathering, and one gets the sense the Stewart rally will also be big tent, though in a much different way.

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