After Review of New Emails Comey Informs Congress That FBI Has ‘Not Changed’ Conclusions On Clinton Emails


james-comey-fbieditedRep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) sent out a tweet today explaining that FBI director James Comey informed him that there had been no change in the conclusions the FBI had in the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Below is the letter that was sent to Congress.

Immediately after the news hit, Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon sent the following tweet.

Meanwhile, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway responded to Fallon on Twitter.

It was reported after Comey sent the initial letter saying new information had come out that it was related to Anthony Weiner and the investigation into his sexting. Weiner shared a laptop with his estranged wife Huma Abedin and it was stated that a number of emails related to Clinton were on the laptop.

After the news hit, CNN immediately offered reaction to the breaking story.

At this point, it appears that there was nothing of note in the emails, at least per Comey’s letter today to Congress. NBC News’ Pete Williams reported that nearly every email found on the laptop was a duplicate.

Here’s reaction from Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s director of communications.

Following the news late last month regarding the further investigation into the emails, the presidential race became tighter, as polls shifted towards Donald Trump. Currently, Real Clear Politics has Clinton up by an average of 1.8 points in the national head-to-head polls.

UPDATE – 4:37 p.m. ET: House Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republican National Committee have also responded to the news:

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