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Alan Grayson: GOP Running Congress Is Like Al-Qaeda Flying Planes

A local Florida station has found a brilliant new way of using its resources for ratings: get a controversial figure of national stature from the area to agree to an interview and leak the most scandalous snippet you can find from it to the internet. Lucky for WFTV-Channel 9, their local wonder, Congressman Alan Grayson, has developed quite a reputation for being a soundbite machine. He delivered, comparing his opponents in Congress to Al-Qaeda members in a teaser released by the network today.

Channel 9 doesn’t give context to the quote, other than their anchor explaining that he was talking about Republicans in Congress and reminded the audience that Grayson’s quote isn’t at all out of character. Grayson tried to explain that he believed Republicans had an interest in destroying the federal government, so giving them power over the federal government wouldn’t make sense. “Why would you want to put people in charge of government who just don’t want to do it? You wouldn’t expect to see Al-Qaeda members as pilots,” he told an interviewer outside of the camera range.

The full interview is slated to air this weekend. For now, all we have is the released Channel 9 clip, below:

[h/t NRO’s The Corner]

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