Ann Coulter Calls World Net Daily “Fake Christians” After Homocon Criticism

World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah made a public point to take Ann Coulter off the list of speakers at an upcoming event for her participation in Homocon this year (a conference for gay conservatives).

Coulter fired back, calling Farah “swine” and a “publicity whore.” Last night on Fox News’ Red Eye, she took it a step further, referring to WND as “fake Christians.”

Guest host Andy Levy introduced the segment: “Ann’s been canned over a bunch of manly mans.”

Bill Schulz turned the tables on conservatives who preach against homosexuality. “If you’re walking around all day being like ‘men are having sex, men are having sex!’ then look in the mirror cause you might be a gay,” he said.

Then Coulter weighed in, highlighting Farah’s birther beliefs. “He’s pushing the birther thing,” she said. “No one who is conservative believes in it either, someone who wants to get hits for his website may promote it.”

And later: “These are fake Christians trying to get publicity.”

Homocon takes place September 25 in New York City. Coulter will be speaking – and Schulz says he’ll be in attendance.

Here’s the segment:

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