Ari Fleischer: If Trump Pardons Manafort, ‘I’d Consider Impeachment’


On Twitter on Wednesday, former Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer took a step not many Republicans would be willing to take on Twitter when he dared say the “I” word about President Trump‘s future.

Fleischer posted the comment as part of a thread about Trump in light of Tuesday’s major news events like Michael Cohen‘s plea deal and Paul Manafort‘s conviction.

He put impeachment on the table conditionally, on the premise that it would be warranted if Trump “fires Mueller/pardons Manafort”, and said he finds the president “divisive” but likes many of his policies.

In the second tweet, he explained further after apparently receiving a number of questions by reply.

Fleischer, who has worked in politics and government since the 80s, is making the distinction here that even an action that is within the authority of the president can still constitute an impeachable offense if that action is undertaken in an effort to obstruct justice.

It is rare for prominent Republicans to float the “I” word, and Fleischer took a fair amount of negative feedback on Twitter over the remarks, after which he posted a few more tweets of clarification.

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