Bachmann Goes After Cain For Flip-Flops: We Need President To ‘Be Consistent’

While defending Herman Cain against accusations of sexual harassment, fellow Republican presidential contender Michele Bachmann criticized her rival for his changing positions on issues like abortion and his recent misstatements.

Bachmann made her comments in an interview with conservative radio host Scott Hennen, which will be released in full tomorrow, and brushed off Cain’s sexual harassment controversy as a non-issue. But Bachmann did take the opportunity to go after the former pizza magnate for some perceived inconsistencies in his views.

“There’s been 10 instances in the last month where he’s changed his positions on significant issues… On the issue of pro-life, he said government shouldn’t intervene to protect life and then he switched and said ‘no they should.’ He wasn’t for the marriage amendment, and then he said he was. Then he said that he would allow the terrorists to go out of Guantanamo Bay. In other words, he would release the terrorists. Then he changed his mind and said ‘no.'”

Several other GOP candidates have criticized Cain’s statements on abortion, including Rick Santorum and Rick Perry, who labeled Cain’s beliefs as a “liberal canard.”

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Bachmann also criticized Cain for his misstatement on China’s nuclear capabilities and changing his 9-9-9 plan to a 9-0-9 plan “after people called out his errors.” The congresswoman suspected that maybe Cain changed some of his beliefs to fall more in line with what the American people wanted to hear, and that if he wants to become the next president of the United States, he cannot afford to be seen as a flip-flopper.

“This is the leader of the free world we’re talking about… We’re in very dangerous times when it comes to our national security and very dangerous times economically. We need to know that our president of the United States is going to go in there and do bold things and know what they’re talking about and be consistent.”

h/t CBS News

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