Ben Shapiro Hits Max Boot: If You Think Today’s GOP Resembles Nazism, ‘Trump Has Driven You Utterly Mad’


Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro blasted Washington Post columnist Max Boot over his recent denunciation of the Republican Party.

In a scathing column, Boot lambasted the current state of the GOP, claiming it has gone from “a conservative party with a white-nationalist fringe” to a “white-nationalist party with a conservative fringe.”

“After a lifetime as a Republican, I re-registered as an independent on the day after Donald Trump’s election,” Boot wrote.

Not only did he call for a “Democratic takeover” in November, he compared the Republican Party to WWII enemies that need to be “destroyed” and “rebuilt.”

“Like postwar Germany and Japan, the Republican Party must first be destroyed before it can be rebuilt,” Boot declared.

He invoked similar rhetoric while plugging his column on Twitter.

And that caught the attention of Shapiro.

“If you think today’s Republican Party resembles Japanese fascism or Nazism, Trump has driven you utterly mad,” Shapiro told Boot.

Boot shot back, denying he equated the GOP to Nazis.

Boot’s column follows a similarly-brutal column written by NeverTrump conservative George Will (who also called for Democratic-controlled Congress) and the recent withdrawal from the Republican Party of former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, who called Republicans “feckless cowards.”

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