Bernie Sanders Walks Back Pledge to Vote For Hillary Clinton

What a difference an hour makes. On Friday’s edition of Morning Joe, independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential runner-up Bernie Sanders told the gang that “yes,” he will be voting for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in November. However, when he was asked the exact same question an hour later, in an interview with CNN New Day anchor Chris Cuomo, Sanders’ tune had changed slightly:

Cuomo: When the day comes in November and Sanders has to cast his vote, to whom does it go?

Sanders: In all likelihood, Hillary Clinton.

Cuomo: When you say all likely hood, what percentage?

Sanders: I don’t want to parse words right now.

That subtle difference could simply be the result of the fact that Cuomo, unlike Morning Joe, asked the question in an open-ended fashion, or it could be a function of instant blowback from his earlier pledge. There were probably more than a few Sanders supporters disappointed to hear that, and at least as many Hillary Clinton supporters rejoicing a little bit too hard. Sanders’ next interviewer should find out where he stands on the issue of “backsies.”

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