CNN Reports First Charges Filed in Mueller Investigation

CNN is reporting tonight that the first charges have been filed in Robert Mueller‘s investigation. The indictment is sealed so it’s unclear who has been charged or what the charges themselves are. Reports suggest that the sealed indictment will be revealed on Monday, perhaps Tuesday, raising speculation who is the first target of the Special Counsel.

Per CNN:

The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.

There is lots of speculation why these are sealed indictments. CNN Contributor John Dean later suggested during a panel discussion on AC360 that it is often a tactic meant to get the subject to flip. Former Federal Prosecuter Michael Zeldin also made salient points that sealed indictments are often used when the subject is viewed as a flight risk. He also suggested that, given the information currently available, that Paul Manafort is a reasonable guess of who Mueller is targeting in this indictment.

You can watch CNN’s report above.

We will update this post as more information comes in.

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