British Authorities Target Rupert Murdoch After Secret Recordings Hint At Potential Bribery

Britain’s Channel Four reported Tuesday afternoon that police are investigating media titan Rupert Murdoch’s knowledge of or involvement in bribing authorities in a phone hacking scandal.

The investigation follows the revelation of secret recordings aired by Channel Four last week. On the tapes, Murdoch is heard dismissing prior investigations into his publications The Sun and News of the World, and assuring implicated journalists his support.

Murdoch, who was contrite at hearings two years ago, is heard to be defiant of authorities on the tape.

Police have now requested the tape as evidence into potential malfeasance by Murdoch, saying it “may contain evidence of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office.” He has also been asked to appear before the Commons culture, media and sport committee.

Channel Four reported that despite seventy arrest made in the investigation, called Operation Elveden, “This is the first time that Operation Elveden is known to be scrutinising Murdoch’s personal role in the practice of paying officials for information.”

The investigations, stretching back to 2005, allege that Murdoch’s publications illegally accessed subject’s voicemails and recorded phone lines in an effort to get information. The scandal eventually caused the resignation of many of Murdoch’s top figures, the shutdown of News of the World, Murdoch’s preeminent publication, and an attempted pie-ing.

Read the full article HERE. Watch Channel Four’s excerpts of the secret recordings below:

[h/t Channel Four]

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