Celebrities Pay Their Respects to Muhammad Ali Online


Since news broke that Muhammad Ali died last night, memorials have been pouring in. Here is just a selection of what the influencers he inspired are saying.

In response to this…

Piers Morgan said this:

Michigan native Michael Moore saw this…

…and was reminded of this:

Star Jones got in on the action by sharing a quote:

Donnie Wahlberg shared a photo…

…as did Oprah:

Never one to miss a chance to use a culturally historic moment to insert himself into the public conversation, Justin Bieber got in there with a picture, too:

This is the ALI we should all remember! The fun loving man who was fully himself!! RIP CHAMP!!!

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Another quote came from Larry Wilmore:

Another Larry shared kind words:

Finally, J.K. Rowling let the man say it for himself:

What memories or photos of the GOAT do you cherish? Tell us today!

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