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Ohio GOP Chair Says We All Know Democrats Use Body Doubles

guysThe Ohio GOP Chair interrupted his Democratic opponent and cited a conspiracy theory on-air. He was probably joking, but given that the Republican presidential nominee gets his news from Alex Jones, who can tell?

While sparring with Ohio Democratic Chair David Pepper on MSNBC Wednesday afternoon, the Republican chair Matt Borges encouraged viewers not to listen to his counterpart, joking that he was using a body double, a practice that he said was now common among Democrats.

Pepper was explaining that Republican leaders had already outlined many reasons why Trump was unfit for office and why the Buckeye State would not elect him. “Don’t believe this guy,” Borges interjected. “I think it’s just his body double. We all know the Democrats use those these days.”

The line was a reference to the conspiracy theory, which was bandied by Trump supporters and trended on Twitter Monday, holding that Clinton employs a body double who appears younger and fitter for certain public appearances.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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