Chris Christie Now Yelling Jerry Maguire Quotes At Town Halls

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie‘s town hall meetings are like a box of chocolates: they have movie quotes in them now! Governor Christie’s latest town hall in Haddonfield, New Jersey (home of the first dinosaur found in North America!) included some character acting from the multi-talented governor, as he recited Tom Cruise‘s famous “Help me help you!” line at the audience, over and over.

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“Anybody watch the movie Jerry Maguire?” Christie asked the audience, “Remember that great scene in the locker room where Jerry Maguire is talking to the only client he’s got left, and he says ‘Help me help you!'” Christie gets pretty into yelling “help me, help you!” at the audience, before explaining exactly how that translates to his job. “I want to cut your taxes, I want to continue the New Jersey comeback that has begun,” he told the audience, adding that he wants to “throw gasoline on [the state’s confidence] and set that fire all across the state.” He warned, however, that “government can’t solve this problem– we’re just going to screw things up, believe me,” promising to reduce taxes to let people help businesses prosper with their dollars.

Watch Christie do his best Cruise impression below:

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