Chuck Todd: Is GOP’s Embrace of Banning Bump Stocks Just a ‘Ruse’ to End Gun Debate?

Earlier this week and in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, MSNBC host Chuck Todd opened his MTP Daily broadcast by stating his belief that Republican leaders did not want to have a debate or about gun control. Todd highlighted a number of Republicans who were stating that it just wasn’t the right time to have a conversation about guns.

At the top of today’s broadcast, Todd touched on the fact that some Republicans have come out and expressed their willingness to discuss potentially banning bump stocks, and noted that this may actually be a way for the GOP to avoid the larger discussion on guns.

Stating that Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock retrofitted a number of semi-automatic guns with the accessory so they could shoot like automatic weapons, and explaining that some within GOP leadership are “warming to the idea” to ban them, the MSNBC host asked if this was a way to truly open up a debate on more gun regulations or a “ruse to avoid the debate.”

Todd went on to preview a Meet the Press interview with Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) in which the House Majority Whip said that banning bump stocks could be a “slippery slope” for Democrats to push for more regulations and restrictions when it came to guns.

“There is a chance that the debate gets shut down before it ever begins because you heard Congressman Scalise say he thinks the ATF should decide this issue and not Congress, Todd added. “That’s also the view of the NRA. The powerful lobby threw its weight behind additional regulations on bump stocks but they want the ATF to figure those out, not Congress.”

He concluded that the NRA does want Congress to pass another bill — one enacting a nationwide conceal and carry law.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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