CNN and Ted Cruz Get Into Twitter Spat Over ‘So-Called’ Health Care Amendment


Earlier Thursday, the Senate GOP released a new draft of their health care bill and one of the key provisions in the bill was the Consumer Freedom Amendment written by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), which gives insurers more freedoms to opt out from Obamacare regulations.

CNN tweeted about Cruz’s amendment, but made a slight change to the name of it.

The tweet did not go unnoticed.

It didn’t take long for the author of the amendment to comment on CNN’s tweet.

This isn’t the first time Ted Cruz brought his snark game to Twitter. Earlier this year, he took on the sports website Deadspin after they challenged its followers to send proof of the senator playing basketball. He jokingly replied.

Deadspin apparently did not appreciate his humor. They responded with the following:

Cruz decided to stay classy and got the better of the exchange, even according to many of his detractors.

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