CNN Correspondent Criticized for Slamming GOP Over Refugee Bill


CNN’s global affairs correspondent tweeted out some critical words for the Republican-led House passing a bill to impose tougher screening measures on refugees.

Republicans in the House––with the help of 47 Democrats––passed the legislation today, which the White House threatened to veto.

This is what CNN’s Elise Labott tweeted in response:

Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple followed up with an important question:

And she got blowback from others:

It’s understandable that many in the media would feel compassion for the plight of refugees, but straight news people using that to go after Republicans is another matter altogether.

Take the below exchange CNN’s Carol Costello and Republican presidential candidate John Kasich. Costello challenges Kasich on not bringing in refugees which is fine in and of itself.

But there’s a lot of b-roll in there of suffering refugees, creating a link between their plight and Republican refusals to let them come to the United States.

UPDATE –– 7:28 pm EST: Labott is being suspended for two weeks:

UPDATE –– 10:57 pm EST: After news of her suspension broke, Labott apologized:

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