CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Owns John Sununu in Testy Exchange Over Comey

Two weeks ago, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota got owned by former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu in a discussion over Russian election interference. On Monday, the New Day anchor got even.

The exchange was awkward and tense right from the start.

“Morning,” Sununu said. “I hope you had a mellow weekend.”

“I did, thank you,” Camerota replied. “I did. It was very relaxing. And you as well.”

Once those completely smooth, genuine, and not at all forced pleasantries were exchanged, Camerota engaged Sununu in a dialogue about special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. Sununu said, at one point, “if you leave [Mueller] alone, the President is certainly going to be vindicated.”

That sentence caught Camerota’s attention and drove the rest of the discussion. The New Day anchor asked about President Donald Trump allegedly asking former FBI Director James Comey about “letting [former National Security Advisor Michael] Flynn go.”

Camerota asked Sununu how he could make sense of Trump’s alleged request, “I hope could you back off this investigation of Michael Flynn?”

“No, he didn’t say that,” Sununu said. “He said ‘I hope this Flynn thing will go away.'”

“What’s the difference?!” Camerota asked, incredulous.

They then spent the better part of the next five minutes essentially arguing about what the definition of is is. And Sununu sounded positively foolish arguing the semantics of Trump’s alleged request.

Round two to Camerota. No contest. We eagerly await the rubber match.

Watch above, via CNN.

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