Congressman Darrell Issa Explains Why It’s Ironic Fidel Castro Died on Black Friday

darrell-issaeditedWe’ve already detailed a number of Twitter reactions from politicians, lawmakers and media figures to the news of longtime Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s death at the age of 90.

Now, there were quite a number of bold statements and hot takes in the ones we curated. However, there was one tweet that came in late this afternoon that pretty much blew all of them away. Witness Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and his comment on the Communist ruler:

Now that is harsh!

This wasn’t the only tough statement he made about a man who was seen by many to be a brutal dictator who oppressed an entire population for decades. He also released an official statement in which he labeled Castro a “murderer” and an “evil despot.”

Currently, Issa is still mired in a re-election effort that is considered too close to call, despite Election Day being nearly three weeks ago.

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