Cops: Alleged Shooter Had ‘Fixation’ on Zimmerman

7790217_GPolice say the man who allegedly shot George Zimmerman had a “fixation” on his victim, and had recently been admitted in a mental institution for signs of “paranoia, anxiety and bipolar disorder.”

According to a police report, 36-year-old Matthew Apperson chased Zimmerman down — ahem — and demanded “You remember me?” Zimmerman called Apperson a “clown”; the following altercation resulted in Apperson firing at Zimmerman’s car. Zimmerman was struck but suffered minor injuries.

At the time the police described the men as being locked in an “ongoing dispute,” going back to an incident last September in which Apperson said Zimmerman threatened to kill him during a bout of road rage. Apperson was charged last week with aggravated assault, battery with a deadly weapon, and firing a deadly missile into an occupied vehicle, though he ironically could avail himself of the “stand your ground” defense.

Apperson was released on bail but had to surrender his weapons to authorities. Thanks, Obama.

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