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Dan Abrams Named New York’s Most Influential Mediaite By FishbowlNY

danWell, this is a surprise! Dan Abrams, who just so happens to be Mediaite’s founder, won FishbowlNY‘s “most influential media person of 2009” poll.

Abrams came in at 34% of the vote, followed by Rupert Murdoch at 21% and Arianna Huffington at 15%. Simple arithmetic would seem to indicate that that means that he is just slightly less influential than Rupert Murdoch and Arianna Huffington combined. Maybe next year …

From FishbowlNY:

In launching Mediaite in July (and to server-crashing traffic), Abrams has assembled a crew of savvy writers (he has very good taste in journalists, if we do say so ourselves), held a launch party five months after his site went live, and plans to launch three other niche blogs in the New Year.

When asked for a comment over his sweeping support from our readers, Abrams responded, “Apparently my mom and her friends enjoy voting in polls more than I knew.” Aw, and modest to boot!

Savvy writers, you say?

(N.B: this post was written without the advance knowledge, permission, or participation of Dan Abrams, who, we can avow with some certainty, did not dance on a desk and exclaim “eat that, Murdoch” when the results of the FishbowlNY poll were announced.)

(via FishbowlNY)

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