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Don Lemon Attacked For Saying Obama Admin Must ‘Take Responsibility’ For What ‘Happened On Your Watch’

In a report which aired on April 23 on recent scandals and how they may impact the 2012 reelection effort of President Obama, CNN anchor Don Lemon found himself agreeing with conservatives that the president needs to take responsibility for things that happened under his watch. For espousing this view, Lemon was promptly excoriated on Twitter those who disagreed with his opinion.

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In a report on the duel scandals that broke last week, the Secret Service prostitution scandal and the General Services Administration controversy, Lemon played clips from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and conservative columnist George Will saying that – while they did not expressly fault the White House for these scandals – that they reflect poorly on government’s self-accountability.

Lemon agreed with this assessment and opined at the end of the segment that, after more than three years of the Obama administration, it is time to stop “pointing fingers backwards.”

So, everyone understands it’s an election year and you need something to hang your hat on. It’s something to hang your hat on. But no one likes a broken record. And at some point you’re going to have to take responsibility for the things that happened on your watch, regardless of what went down or up before you took office. And stop pointing fingers backwards. That’s tonight’s “No Talking Points.”

For this break with Democratic orthodoxy, Lemon was excoriated on Twitter — many of his most vocal critics took issue with Lemon, as a gay man, criticizing the presidnet. Michelle Malkin’s Twitter aggregation site “Twitchy” has amassed several of the better examples:

He even took to responding to some of his more vicious criticism:

Watch the segment below via CNN:

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