Donald Trump Jr.: Fake News Journalist Profiled by 60 Minutes Deserves ‘Pulitzer’

Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter Tuesday morning to offer praise for a prominent supporter who first published that former White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice requested the unmasking of names of Trump transition officials.

Mike Cernovich — a Trump supporter profiled by 60 Minutes in March and branded by the venerable newsmagazine as a purveyor of fake news — first posted the revelations about Rice on Sunday. The post turned out to have merit, as the news was then reported by Eli Lake of Bloomberg on Monday.

Trump Jr. sought to give Cernovich credit for the Rice news on Tuesday — saying he deserved to win the Pulitzer Prize.

The controversial Cernovich founded a website called Danger & Play, which, according to 60 Minutes, “has become a magnet for readers with a taste for stories with no basis in fact.” Last August, he published a post called “Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease, Physician Confirms,” without speaking to a physician that actually examined the former democratic presidential nominee. He also has a history of rape apologia. In a deleted 2012 tweet, he wrote, “Have you guys ever tried “raping” a girl without using force? Try it. It’s basically impossible. Date rape does not exist.”

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