Ex-CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez: CNN’s Katrina Coverage ‘Sucked’

Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez doesn’t have particularly kind things to say about his former network’s coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

With the 10th anniversary of the devastating hurricane this week, there’s been a lot of reflection on the state of New Orleans in the decade since, as well as on how the government responded and how the media reported it. Lots of networks have Katrina coverage-focused specials (when they’re not being bumped for Donald Trump coverage) all throughout the week.

Cable networks have, of course, been talking about how well they covered the disaster, but Sanchez sent out a tweet earlier today about how he remembers CNN’s coverage:

Sanchez, you might recall, was let go from CNN after some controversial comments he made about Jon Stewart, and one Twitter user wondered if Sanchez was just being a disgruntled former employee. Sanchez responded:

[image via screengrab]

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