FBN’s Charlie Gasparino Boasts of ‘Crushing the Sh*theads’ at CNBC


Today in gratuitous Twitter squabbles, Fox Business Network’s Charles Gasparino snarled at CNBC’s Scott Wapner after another tweeter challenged them to debate each other on-air. To Wapner’s credit he tried to exit gracefully a couple times, only to be drawn back in by Gasparino’s chest-thumping.

The bait:

Wapner passed:

Gasparino escalated:

Wapner again tried to deescalate:

And it got ugly from there:

The guy who started all this of course claimed vindication, not unjustifiably, for his business network cage-match idea:

FWIW, CNBC generally beats FBN daily in both average demo and total viewership, but the Fox network has seen some gains over its eight-year existence.

[Image via Twitter]

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