Finally! Chuck Norris Officially Becomes A Texas Ranger

While fellow actor and martial artist Steven Seagal‘s actual career in law enforcement is regularly celebrated on an A&E reality show, Chuck Norris has long been relegated to the realm of Internet humor and Conan O’Brien riffs. But the sun hasn’t set on Norris yet: the man who used to play Walker, Texas Ranger, on Walker, Texas Ranger becomes a real-life Texas Ranger today.

Well, a real-life honorary Texas Ranger, but a Texas Ranger nonetheless. As the AP reports,

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is scheduled to present the actor and executive director of “Walker, Texas Ranger” with a designation as an honorary member of the famed law enforcement group Thursday.

That sounds fun enough as it is, but further scrolling reveals that he’s not the only one of his clan joining that elite band of defenders today. His little brother Aaron Norris is also becoming an honorary Texas Ranger, which means that Norris Brothers, Texas Rangers needs to become a reality television show immediately. (h/t Daily Caller)

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