Gallup Poll: Most Americans Would Vote For An Atheist Presidential Candidate

A Gallup poll taken during the second week of June reveals for the second time in a year that a majority of Americans would vote for atheist presidential candidate.

54 percent of surveyed individuals indicated they would vote a “well-qualified” atheist into the highest office. This is the highest percentage since Gallup first asked the question in 1958. At that point, only 18 percent said they would give their vote to a non-believer.

This is the second time atheists have polled above 50 percent, passing the majority threshold in Gallup’s August 2011 iteration of this question.

While this is drastic progress for atheists, the survey also showed that atheists are the least-likely group for which people would give their vote. Atheists’ 54 percent result is behind gays/lesbians, who received 68 percent, and Muslims, who garnered 58 percent.

The poll also indicates a partisan disparity in who would be willing to vote for an atheist. 58 percent of Democrats said they would vote for a well-qualified atheist, while only 48 percent of Republicans said they would do so.

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