Get Ready for Drone Barbie Because She’s Coming for You


Barbie has a drone now. Actually, Mattel is calling it a hoverboard, but everyone else out there is calling it a drone. Called the Barbie Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard, the device is meant to be ridden by Barbie, which means it doesn’t technically qualify as an unmanned vehicle. However, since it is remote-controlled by whichever kid has parents willing to drop $60 on the thing, maybe it does count as unmanned, thus making it a true drone. It all depends on how much humanity you’re willing to attribute to Barbie, but listen, I don’t have time to argue semantics with you when I need to get busy looking up more videos of this ridiculous toy.

Seriously, check this out:

If I had a time machine, I’d grab one of these and book it back to 1997 posthaste because five-year-old me deserves to see this.

Mattel has been working overtime these past few years to combat allegations that their iconic doll contributes to girls’ negative body image and isn’t inclusive enough. This is even more of a positive step forward for a company determined to present Barbie as a beautiful and well-rounded woman who, well, can have it all. As Market Watch pointed out, drones, in general, are a boys’ club. The primary role of women in the drone-loving community is that of the “booth babe,” which is a girl who wears a skimpy outfit and entices people into competitors’ booths at conventions.

They also reported that the original lineup for next month’s Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International conference featured no women in any of the 20 available speaking slots. One was added later. Encouraging girls to get into drones by showing them a cool Barbie who cruises around on hoverboards is a pretty great way to ensure that there will be some women on the roster in a few years.

Don’t believe me? Here, have a look at this more in-depth video that was shot at this year’s Toy Fair:

Now, watch this:

Mattel is clearly serious about their new girl power-forward initiative and Barbie Star Light Adventure seems to be leading the way from her perch atop her drone hoverboard.

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