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Glenn Beck Claims Oprah As One Of His Own Because She Hates Taxes, “Gets It”

While most people watched the premiere of Piers Morgan Tonight and asked themselves questions like “Will this save CNN?” and “Is Morgan a worthy successor to Larry King?”, Glenn Beck took a different tact. He wanted to know if Oprah Winfrey was secretly a Tea Partier. He laid out the evidence on his radio show this morning.

What caught Beck’s attention was a section of the Morgan interview where Winfrey explained how much she hated signing taxes. Clearly an Obama supporter would be totally into social justice and therefore love paying taxes, right? Not the strongest argument but Beck continued. He pointed out that Winfrey gives tons to charity and loves doing that and then compared it to how he hates paying taxes but loves tithing.

“I don’t understand it. Oprah, if you were paying less in taxes, would you pay more to charity? Would you give more? I know I would. I’d give a whole lot more to charity. Reduce my taxes.”

What’s interesting here is that Beck doesn’t attack Oprah at all or accuse her of being a hypocrite. Instead he purposefully repeats “She gets it, she gets it” at the end of the segment. Clearly Beck is totally willing to spend every show going after the most powerful people in the world but is smart enough to know that no one, I repeat, no one goes after Oprah.

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