Glenn Beck Opens Fire on Alt-Right, Calls It a ‘Grave Threat to the Republic’

glenn-beckGlenn Beck, the conservative pundit and stalwart #NeverTrumper, took aim at the alt-right movement that has propelled Trump’s ascendance, saying that it represented a “grave threat to the republic.”

Speaking on his radio show Friday morning, Beck warned about the future of the alt-right, Beck described the alt-right as something that is larger than Trump and would have emerged even in his absence.

The alt-right is loose coalition of anti-immigrant, anti-feminist, and white nationalist movements, and it has a dedicated media outlet in Breitbart News, whose former chairman Stephen Bannon is now the CEO of Trump’s campaign. Beck said that Bannon had designs for the alt-right that extended beyond the campaign.

If conservatives were complacent, he warned, the alt-right would triumph.

Criticizing one of the alt-right’s most prominent figureheads, troll-provocateur Milo Yiannopolous in September, Beck said:

“I feel bad for those who are in or drawn to this circle as they must surely be deeply wounded. The sexism, racism, hatred for anyone that opposes their line of thinking is, time after time, presented as something a desperate 10 or 13-year-old boy would do.”

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