Glenn Beck Says Plagiarized Trump Speech Was Sabotage

beck-2It was the speech heard round the world — twice.

Melania Trump‘s speech at the first night of the Republican National Convention bore strong resemblances to Michelle Obama’s from the 2008 DNC, inviting accusations of plagiarism. But Glenn Beck, captain of TheBlaze, has a different theory.

Speaking on his radio show Tuesday, Beck offered that the Trumps were possibly the victims of sabotage.

“I don’t think Donald Trump or Melania had anything to do with it. I think somebody sabotaged them. I think this was done intentionally. No good speechwriter does that,” Beck said.

It is perhaps worth noting that Beck, who backed Ted Cruz during the GOP primary, has been one of Trump’s more outspoken conservative critics.

Beck points to the fact that part of Melania’s speech apparently included lyrics from Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

“Was that the writer putting that line in as a wink to us, the people of the world, as a rick roll, of ‘don’t listen…this is a clown show’?” Beck asked.

Audio courtesy of TheBlaze.

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