Glenn Beck Takes Down His American Flag Because Planned Parenthood


Glenn Beck returned to his radio show today and talked about Planned Parenthood, which partly led to his decision to take down his American flag.

Beck recently talked about feeling like he can’t fly the flag anymore, and elaborated in a Facebook post days ago:

Last week I got a lot of heat for saying I couldn’t fly the flag another day because I didn’t know what it stood for anymore.

I called Colonial flag and had two new flags made.

The top is the Bennington flag with a modification from me. Two words we need to relearn. And the lower flag is An appeal to Heaven.

In a comment to a fan, Beck explained, “When the people rise up to stop the butchers at planned parenthood, or demand that we don’t cut deals with the butchers in Iran, when we no longer stand with killers in Cuba over Gods people in Israel I will consider flying the flag.”

On the radio today, Beck railed against the “evil” he saw in the multiple released Planned Parenthood videos and how much it damages American values.

“It’s one of the reasons, quite honestly,” he said, “that I was totally fine taking my flag down. I took my flag down and I got a lot of heat from it. But I can’t fly the 50-star flag anymore… It represents––not the government––it represents us. And who the hell have we become?”

Watch a clip below, via TheBlaze:

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