American Flag

Flag at White House Lowered to Half-Staff Again After Backlash

Trump Brings Up Flag During Tax Speech: ‘I Think People Forgot How Patriotic We Are’

School Refreshingly Stands by Students After Complaints About American Flag Displays

Protester Waving American Flag Disrupts Communist May Day Parade in Cuba

Following Backlash, College Reverses Decision Not to Fly American Flag on Campus

‘Loss of Citizenship or Year in Jail’: Trump Incredibly Says Burning Flag ‘Must’ Have Consequences

Liberal Hampshire College ‘Goes Low,’ Refusing to Fly ‘Racist’ American Flag Because Trump Won

Massachusetts College Won’t Fly American Flag on Campus

High School Teacher Suspended for Stepping on American Flag During 1st Amendment Lesson

Glenn Beck Takes Down His American Flag Because Planned Parenthood

Here’s 8 of the Most Super-Patriotic Moments of the Year

TX Man Claims He Was Told His U.S. Flag Is ‘Threat’ to Muslims

Florida Man Paints House with Stars and Stripes Because…

US Military Bans American Flags Made in China

New CNN Doc Details Mystery of Missing Flag from Iconic 9/11 Photo

Local Republican Party Head Hangs Upside Down American Flag In Protest Of Obama’s Inauguration

Modified American Flag Posters No Longer Available In Obama Campaign Store

Megyn Kelly Panel Clashes Over Obama Campaign’s Repurposing Of American Flag Image

American Flag Depicting Image Of Obama Taken Down After Complaint From Veterans

Megyn Kelly Panel’s Heated Battle Over OWS And Burning the American Flag

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