GOP Rep Slams Leftist Heath Care ‘Fallacies’: ‘We No Longer Invite Truth to the Debate’


After Congress broke for the July 4th recess last week, Republican lawmakers were greeted in their districts and states by protesters demonstrating over the issue of health care. With Republican leadership in the Senate trying to convince members of their own caucus to back their bill, voters were confronting these lawmakers in an attempt to persuade them to not back the GOP plan.

This morning on Fox News, Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) spoke out against these demonstrations and blamed the left and the media for spreading misinformation about proposed Medicaid cuts. Franks stated that the bill merely slows down the growth of Medicaid and doesn’t actually cut anything.

“Unfortunately, that’s the media environment with which we live,” Franks said. “It has a way of whipping up a lot of folks that really believe some of the fallacies they are told.”

Host Shannon Bream asked him why the left is “so good at communicating that” and how the truth gets lost in there when it comes to the issue of Medicaid cuts.

“I tell you, that is the greatest challenge in our republic right now is that we no longer invite truth to the debate,” he noted. “It’s not considered on the part of the left a bad tactic to say something that isn’t true.”

Franks added, “They don’t hold themselves constrained to the truth. Which makes it very difficult to debate them.”

He went on to say that he hopes people will pay attention to the facts because “Obamacare is absolutely imploding” and it’s the “public policy equivalent of the Hindenburg.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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