Gospel Music, Marriage Pledges And Black Panthers, Oh My: Herman Cain Opens Up To GQ

Often, when we’re nearing an election year, voters are asked which candidate they’d most want to grab a beer with. And while it might be fun to attend a Lady Gaga concert with Tim Pawlenty or go surfing with Barack Obama, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain seems like he’d be a lot of fun to hang out with over a drink or seven, plus there’s a good chance he’ll bring pizza. After reading GQ‘s Q & A with the Republican presidential hopeful, we’re even more inclined to want to pick his brain over a large pepperoni and jalapeño (don’t judge).

Cain kicks things off by explaining how great a challenge it is to become a known gospel singer. Even more challenging, it seems, than becoming ruler of the free world:

It’s much harder to succeed as a vocalist, and become one of the big names than it is to get elected president. That’s why I ended up running for president!

He provides a lot more money quotes too. Here are some of his Greatest Hits, if you will, from the interview:

  • I don’t think Jon Stewart is a racist, I just think Jon Stewart is just a liberal.

  • But the [Black] Panthers didn’t bring down towers. They didn’t steal airplanes and load it up with fuel and fly into buildings with the intention of killing people and bringing down a symbol of American capitalism. Yes, they may have been angry with America—I understand that, you know, the Black Panther movement—but they didn’t intentionally try to deliberately, in an organized, ongoing fashion try to destroy America. They wanted to change America, and they used intimidation to try to do it, more so than violence, to try to do it.

  • I didn’t say “not Muslims that don’t pose a threat.” That would have been the perfectly politically correct way to answer it. I don’t always give the perfectly politically correct way to answer stuff.

  • I don’t sign stuff until I have read it. I have been quite busy the last few days, so I have not made signing that pledge, or even reading it a high priority. I understand that there are some aspects of the original pledge that, probably, I won’t like.

  • I’m not crazy, but I’m confident.

  • Read the full Q & A on GQ‘s site.

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