Let’s Watch Some Awkward Post-World Series News Segments With Random Fans Shouting Things at the Camera

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-12-13-05-pm-1It’s a staple of local news coverage when the town’s sports team is playing for a championship: the awkward local news segment at a bar, or outside the stadium in which random fans shout often unintelligible things into the camera after their team has won or lost.

These segments almost always have the same components: the uncomfortable banter from the studio anchors, followed by the toss to the poor field reporter who can’t hear what anybody’s saying. And then the fans shouting random things into the camera. (WE’RE GOING ALL THE WAY! WOOOOOOOOOOO!) Finally, it’s back to the studio for some nervous anchor laughter. (Looks like they’re having fun out there.)

These segments are often cringeworthingly fun to watch, in our opinion here at Mediaite. So we thought we’d share a couple from the newscasts which followed last night’s World Series Game 1, in which the Cleveland Indians topped the Chicago Cubs 6-0.

This was the scene outside Progressive Field in Cleveland, via FOX affiliate WJW.

Credit to WJW’s Melissa Reed, who somehow maintained her composure as a Cubs fan totally invaded her personal space and walked into the live shot.

And here’s the perspective from Chicago, via FOX affiliate WFLD.

This was some truly awkward television. We’ll keep our eyes peeled on the local news in Chicago and Cleveland throughout the week for some more segments like these.

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