‘His Team Can’t Bear to Tell Him the Truth’: Brzezinski Takes on Administration’s Fear of POTUS


Morning Joe‘s Mika Brzezinski has humorously been referring to Sean Spicer‘s performance from Saturday as his “hostage video,” poking fun at the fact that the newly-installed press secretary angrily bemoaned the media at the presumed request of President Donald J. Trump.

Brzezinski and her Morning Joe colleagues continued to rebuke Spicer on Wednesday morning after the press secretary again fanned the flames of POTUS’ conspiracy theory that millions of “illegals” voted in the general election, costing him the popular vote. “About lying and obsession on crowd size, I will tell you Sean Spicer, I wish I could roll back five days for him,” she said.

She continued excoriating Spicer, “[Sean] should have sat for five days watching video of press secretaries from year’s past learning how to do questions and how to answer them and as for Saturday — when he went out there and did the hostage video — he should have said ‘No Mr. President. If you force me to do this I will walk out the door right now with nowhere to go with my family because I will not lie to the media.'”

She continued firmly Wednesday morning, saying, “He’s thrown off his game. It was so bad. It’s all nerves.”

As many have alleged, our nation’s 45th President may carry deep insecurities that the widening gap in popular vote totals somehow cheapens his win or threatens the legitimacy of his administration; Willie Geist offered, “Donald Trump can’t stand hearing that somehow he’s not a legitimate president, that he won fewer votes than Hillary Clinton.”

“And his team can’t beat to tell him the truth,” Brzezinski chimed in. “That’s bad,” noting that Spicer is simply spouting things off from the James Brady Press Briefing Room, “because his boss wants to hear [them].”

Mike Barnicle added to POTUS directly, “Act like the President.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

J.D. Durkin (@jivedurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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